Baby Boy’s Name – And I Don’t Have Gestational Diabetes! Yay!

I think a lot of women might say, “I can’t believe I’m already in the third trimester,” but I am not one of those people. This pregnancy is literally the only period of my life when I can say that time has felt like it is standing still! Each day that crawls by gets us closer to meeting our sweet boy, and baby boy officially has a name – William Grant Craig! We can’t wait for our sweet Will to get here.

2014-06-10 19.57.35

I am also happy to report that I do not have gestational diabetes! I failed the one hour glucose screening by a measly margin, but my doctor still wanted me to take the three hour test. On top of worrying if I am already screwing up my baby by making him a sugar addict, I typically do not do well with needles. I once passed out and hit my head so hard I had to go to the emergency room. I think the nurse drawing my blood for this test was a gift from God, I truly do. She was very no-nonsense, quick and efficient and I’m pretty sure she is the reason I was able to get through the FOUR blood draws like a champ. I also absolutely hate wasting time, and I would say hanging out for three hours in a waiting room with no wi-fi is wasting time. My mom knows me, so she came and waited the entire three hours with me and distracted me with lots of chit-chat. We planned out our future real estate endeavors for the next 50 years and basically solved the world’s problems in those three hours, so at least something good came from it! I am so thankful I do not have gestational diabetes, I just can’t even explain the relief.

Other than that we have been vacationing in Florida, getting Will’s nursery ready (more to come on those) and trying to savor the last few months with just the two of us. Let’s hope they fly by!