My C-Section…Part II

Click here to read Part I if you need to catch up! So, when we left off I had just checked into the hospital in active labor, but I wasn’t feeling well. My doctor was unavailable, and I had a brand new doctor whom I had never met before delivering me that day. Luckily this doctor and I were very much on the same page, and he was great about explaining everything to us. He used a lot of percentages to illustrate things which was very helpful to Sam.

In addition to just not feeling well, I was running a high fever and Will’s heart rate was too high. The doctor agreed to let me try to give birth naturally, so he went ahead and broke my water hoping that I would progress quickly on my own. We waited a couple of hours and absolutely no progress was made. Will’s heart rate continued to get higher and he began showing signs of distress. The doctor said there was no way he could handle pitocin, but we could still try to give things a little more time to hopefully happen naturally. I’m not going to go into all the gory details of what happened next, but it became quite clear that a C-section was absolutely necessary for my sake as well as Will’s. During this time, the doctor also concluded that I was suffering from appendicitis. So, the plan was to remove my appendix after the C-section.

I just remember feeling so scared. The room was freezing and bright and I was shaking uncontrollably from head to toe. When Sam had to go change and get sterilized, I lost it a little bit and kept asking the anesthesiologist when he would be back (even though I’m pretty sure he was gone less than 10 minutes.) The anesthesiologist was an older gentleman, a good ol’ boy, and he kept trying to cheer me up about having a C-section. He said numerous inappropriate things to make me laugh. I kind of loved him in that moment. When I had to tell him my weight I made him lean down so I could whisper it in his ear so Sam and the nurses didn’t hear. He thought that was hysterical. Anyway, enough about my bonding with the anesthesiologist…..

Will was born! They showed him to me over the sheet, but unfortunately we could not do skin to skin right away because they still had to remove my appendix. Here’s where things start to get pretty dicey. It was taking the doctor a very long time to remove my appendix. Sam was across the room tending to Will so I was by myself with the anesthesiologist at my head. All of the sudden I started vomiting uncontrollably, except there’s nothing to vomit up (so gross I know.) This goes on for what feels like forever – me just convulsing. Finally Sam came back over to me because he started to get very concerned. The anesthesiologist started exchanging words with the doctor and I began to lose consciousness. I hear the anesthesiologist say, “you need to close her up NOW.”

This story is almost over – I promise! I’m going to split it up into one more part, so stay tuned for Part III in which we find out that Sam Craig is the real MVP.


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