Halfway There

I’m officially past 20 weeks and so very happy! We had the big anatomy scan and got a good report – I sure was relieved to have that done! Around 19 weeks I decided to stop taking my nausea medication, but unfortunately I began to feel terrible again. I am not sure how long I’m going to have to take it, but I’m definitely eager to stop. I am still in a lot of my regular clothes thanks to belly bands and some forgiving dresses and tops. I’ve bought a few maternity shorts and jeans, but my little bump just doesn’t seem to hold them up quite yet! I think I’m in that awkward in between phase, but I know I’ll be in exclusively maternity clothes soon enough!

One annoying thing – my skin has broken out like I’m a teenager again. Blah. I have been using various Belli Skincare products (at the recommendation of Veronika) in place of my stronger prescription products from the dermatologist and would definitely recommend them, but I guess a little acne still comes with the territory! Sam and I just got back from a trip to Chicago, and I definitely experienced some swelling in my feet and legs from all the extra walking. Thankfully it’s gone down now that I’m home and back to my regular routine. Other than that things seem to be progressing wonderfully! Praying that this pregnancy continues to go smoothly and Baby Craig is growing nice and strong!


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