The Honest Company {Product Review}


I’ve been really intrigued by The Honest Company for awhile now, and Veronika mentioned that she absolutely loved the body oil, so I decided to give it a go (Veronika has never steered me wrong!) I’ll never be a full blown hippie – but I do try to cut out unnecessary chemicals when possible. I ordered the bundle to save money, and I’ll continue to try other products each month as well as the diapers/wipes once baby Craig arrives!

First up, the body oil that gets rave reviews. I have to agree with the masses – it is hands down the best body oil I’ve ever used. I’ve tried many over the years, and this winter I used L’Occitane body oil religiously and thought it was good. While I’m still obsessed with the scent of the L’Occitane, I realize now what it’s lacking in the absorption department. This body oil really absorbs quickly and leaves my skin so incredibly soft and ungreasy. I will definitely be purchasing it again!

The bubble bath was also great. I didn’t take any baths during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy because I generally like my baths to be scalding hot. Before I got pregnant I was a big fan of taking weekly detox baths with epsom salts, baking soda and various essential oils. Last week I decided I just really needed a good soak, so I made sure the water was less than 100 degrees and dumped in two capfuls of The Honest bubble bath. Although it was a little chilly for me, I really loved the product. The scent was not too overwhelming and the bubbles stayed for a long time. My skin felt amazing after as well!

Like anyone, I’m terrified of getting stretch marks, so the belly balm was a must-buy for me. It has a pretty strong scent, which I happen to like, but it really is strong. I think it’s best applied at night right before bed, and I try to put it all over my belly as well as my hips and thighs. We’ll see how this continues to develop!

The last two products I ordered were the sunscreen and the bug spray. I’m vacationing in Florida this summer and thought they would be perfect for the trip. All the chemicals in regular bug spray freak me out, so I’m happy to have this organic option. Both of these products are effective and well priced!

Overall I’m definitely a fan of The Honest Company and will continue to order their products. Thanks, Jessica Alba!

*This is not a sponsored post, The Honest Company has never heard of me or my little blog. All opinions are my own.


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